Our Bear is here to serve you drinks.
And when we say drinks, we mainly mean good tasting beer. although that's not all we serve.

We offer a selection of local and national cask ale, keg beer, bottled and canned beer, cider, and perry together with a range of UK sourced small producer spirits and organic/biodynamic and vegan wines.

We love proper beer as much as someone who really, really loves proper beer. We regularly change our barrels and kegs so there's always something new to get stuck into.

In fact, you can see what we are pouring RIGHT THIS SECOND by checking out the live webcam of our Beer Board HERE.


We've also got a selection of overseas drops but we promise it’ll be independently produced and most importantly, damn tasty.

We’re serving a range of ales straight from the cask, the freshest beer from our 10-tap keg wall and the best ciders.

Plus, we have now installed a bloody awesome beer fridge which houses a selection of carefully selected and (sometimes a bit out there!) beers and ciders.

Not a fan of alcohol, or need to drive home? No worries, we've always got low and no alcohol beer available. There's even a "gin" which is like gin but without the alcohol (Who knew there was such a thing but trust us, it tastes great).

A variety of traditional soft drinks from independent suppliers are also available.

Oh and if you love a cuppa, then how about a good ol' cup of tea or some fabulous Bad Hand roasted coffee? We serve plenty of them as well.



You know how it is.

You pop in to your local for a drink after work but can only have one because the dog needs a walk and the in-laws arrive for dinner at 7.

Yep, life can be so cruel when all you want to do is savour that sweet taste of decent beer.

Well, fear not because we have just the thing to ease your pain.

We can pour you a take-home carrier of beer, cider or perry so you can continue to enjoy your favourite pint at home.

The Take-Home ale is available in 1 litre cartons and will last up to 3 days (As long as you can make it last that long without drinking it all).