We can see clearly now...

Something that comes with advancing years; the need for glasses and perpetually mislaying them!

Essential pieces of kit when you think about it because without them everything is a bit blurred and difficult to see properly. It's another tenuous analogy (sorry) but it has made us realise that having someone outside of the daily running of the business, handing back the virtual glasses and saying have a look at it this way is invaluable.

Our guardian of "The Business Glasses" is Nicola's brother Sean Barker (and his business SB Marketing) who could not be further away from the business as he lives in New Zealand! In reality he has been with us for the whole journey, since we told him what we planned to do 3 years ago and has been our guide through the world of marketing and visual impact ever since.

The really good news is that he's going to be over here with his family for 6 months during the summer so you can meet him, buy him a beer and say "nice job chap!". He is the unseen third Bear and should have recognition for his contribution to our business.

With all of that said, he has been working hard in the background of our business over the past couple of months re-designing our Wight Bear brand. It kind of all started with the need for tee-shirts in the run up to Christmas, so having come up with some designs we straw polled the Bear Beer Handlers and they pretty much unanimously said "that one". Only last night whilst having a conversation about marketing and the beer world, a new brewery owner said (completely without prompting) "your tee-shirt is really cool, I mean it's not just a logo'd piece of merch, it's actually a cool looking shirt". In a nutshell. So taking that initial concept into everything else we have as "collateral", Sean, with the occasional donning of The Business Glasses by us, has updated our Logo, website (which now includes the first stage of our online sales) and all of our social media platforms. It has without doubt totally hit the nail for us and we are very excited and proud of how The Wight Bear now looks and feels.

Meanwhile over the same period of time, we have been busy changing a few things within The Wight Bear and if you are a regular visitor you will know exactly what I'm going to say! We invested in another Lindr keg machine to give us/you 4 lines of keg beers, split the beer board to allow for up to 10 beers in total (6 cask and 4 keg) and bought a shiny (slightly too bright) bottle and can fridge for all the stuff we really, really love and can't get any other way. Oh, and we changed our premises license to allow for midnight closing on Friday and Saturday night.

There will be some more changes happening to enhance The Wight Bear and all that it offers, but most importantly the range and diversity of beer we offer is the most crucial part of what we do. So we have to keep changing, challenging, updating and organically growing with our business to help it continue to develop and you cannot do that unless you can see the business from the outside.

Now, where's my glasses?

Check out our new website - www.thewightbear.co.uk

sean Wight Bear.png

Sean on a previous visit to the Bear.

rebrand wight bear promo 2.jpg

Sean Barker - SB Marketing

Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, Squarespace Website Developer.