#caskgate – Our view from the Cellar

As a Micropub that specialises in the delivery of beer direct from the cask in a temperature controlled cellar by means of gravity, it is sad to read some recent blogs and articles surrounding the use of cask as a method of supply.

It’s not so much the decision of some brewers to cease the use of cask but more the reports that many people STILL put up with poor quality, tired and badly kept cask ale drawn from a cellar that has been indifferently managed.

We are proud and humbled when we get feedback from our customers, some of whom have been with us from the start, that we have made them “beer snobs” because we continuously deliver beer in the best possible condition… Wonderful.

Why should ANYONE accept poorly managed beer? Don’t drink it if it’s rubbish and ask for your money back! So much of poor beer management is down to dirty lines, beer kept for too long and general ignorance of how to manage a cellar.

It’s not that difficult to do properly.

We had no background in cellar management let alone being publicans, yet in less than a year we made it into the Good Beer Guide 2017 and all because we are passionate about beer.

No one as far as we can see is making any attempt to give Micropubs (and especially the ones using cold rooms and gravity) the credit they deserve for the way they champion the simple process for good beer to be served correctly.

Good beer for us at The Bear has to be cask.

Why? Because as far as we are concerned it is exactly as the brewer wanted it to taste at the time it left the brewery, so the very least we can do is look after it, serve it in top condition, pour it into a clean glass and don’t interfere with it.

We love beer however it is packaged but do understand why some brewers have made the decision to drop cask.

CAMRA’s need for revitalisation most definitely should include campaigning for BETTER QUALITY cask ale from complacent landlords AND to desist from devaluing beer by supporting the Wetherspoon vouchers and the discount scheme. We voluntarily offer the CAMRA discount on pints drunk on our premises so it is sometimes disheartening to hear some members talk to us like it’s a right.

If you love beer, you love it regardless of how it is packaged, it’s just that sometimes you cannot better the straight from cask, perfect temperature satisfaction that doing it this way brings.

David & Nicola Holland

Sean Barker - SB Marketing

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