The Bear is open and we’ve already learned a lot.


So it’s been pretty busy at The Wight Bear since we opened.

Well actually, it’s been REALLY busy.

So much so that we have very quickly learned the following.

1. You guys LOVE your real ales (even more than we thought was possible)

2. You love having good conversations.

3. You love filling up the pub, often.

This has meant we need to make some urgent changes:

1. We need to build more storage to house more ales to cope with your love of real ale (We also need to build more storage for more glasses).

2. All of those good conversations at the same time means we need to install additional noise absorbers to keep the volume at a level whereby these great chats don’t sound like loud arguments.

3. Having so many friends of the Bear in one place at one time has identified that we need to change some of the windows at the front so we can open them and vent some cool air.

We are so grateful for the amazing support we have received and all the happy faces we are seeing in the pub.

And don’t forget that we offer take-home ale so on a Sunday you can pop in and grab yourself some ale or cider to tide you over on the times we are closed!


David & Nicola

Sean Barker - SB Marketing

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