The door’s unlocked and we’re in.

We have the keys!

Exactly 3 months and 13 days after we first walked through the door to view the vacant Not Just Cards shop we finally signed the last of the documents and then collected the keys.


We have dreamt of this day arriving and can not tell you how much it means to us to have eventually got through all the hoops and hurdles to be able to get in and start building The Wight Bear.

The moment we first opened the door as Bear owners it felt as if a starter gun had gone off. Like somebody had just said….GO!

We have a schedule of work programmed that clearly shows when things are going to happen and in what order but once inside we both had an “OMG what have we done and where do we start?” moment.

Of course that was after we had finished running round the shop arms in air WOO HOO-ing like a couple of excited kids. In fact we were so excited to get the keys we made a little video about the moment.


Our first job once inside was to put a poster in the window to tell everyone that goes past that the Bear is coming.

bear opening poster.jpg

We also put up a curtain so there’s no peeking whilst we’re working.

So now it begins.

Project managing the building works, soundproofers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, refrigeration engineers, CCTV installation, painters, sign-writers, ordering fixtures, fittings etc.

bear construction.jpg

The first two days have been spent removing the old false dropped ceiling to get the room back to its original height ready for the soundproofers arrival next week and clearing out the back yard of overgrown foliage and rubbish.

We’ve been knocked out already by comments of support whilst chatting to people that have stopped to read our signs on the window and door.

We’ve also met our immediate neighbours who live in the flat above the opticians next door. Turns out they are the BEST neighbours we could ever have wished for. They LOVE ales, they’re musicians/singers/poets that play local unplugged acoustic gigs and they can not wait till we open.


We can’t wait till the ordering beer stage!

For now, we’re back to work to build a Bear.

Sean Barker - SB Marketing

Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, Squarespace Website Developer.